Intelligent Transformation with Purpose (Individual)

Growth Mindset for Thriving in the New Normal Digital Era

2 days (4hrs/day) Online Training and Coaching Programme + 1x1hr Coaching (Individual/Group)

In this course, you will learn 3-key concepts:

  1. CLARITY By having new level of self-awareness, understanding who you are, your purpose and the environment that you exist, you will have the ability to think and see clearly what you want to do, how you will be able to transform and adapt in the new normal digital era.
  2. COURAGE By reframing how you think and activating your belief system, you will be able to take bold steps towards making changes, overcoming difficult challenges and achieving your dreams.
  3. CONFIDENCE By having clarity in decision making and taking actions, as your future enfolds itself, you will gain more confidence leading to joy and fulfillment.

Training and Coaching Programme Objectives

  • Discover a new level of self-awareness in the new normal environment and rapid technological change.
  • Learn how to identify your purpose and to use the purpose as a catalyst to achieve goals and objectives.
  • Learn how to align individual’s purpose with organization’s purpose (for working adults).
  • Understand the impact of mindset has on the ability to learn and grow. Recognize blockages that are triggered by fixed mindset. Save years of painful experiences, time, money and missed opportunities due to having a fixed mindset.
  • Learn how decisions are made based on our stories and emotions.
  • Learn how to get out of a stuck position or mood by rethinking or reframing your mind. Thus allowing you to think and see better having clarity in life and in work.
  • Learn how to build courage and confidence by reframing your mind and reshaping your belief system which pushes you to your next action.
  • Learn how to activate your belief system to act as a pillar of strength to overcome any obstacles in life or in the workplace.
  • Learn to how to maintain perseverance to achieve your end goal.

Bonus Topic

  • Learn the basics of Big Data and what it takes to be a Data Citizen.
  • Learn the importance of Big Data in the workplace.

Who should attend:

  • For individuals who have lost their jobs and are seeking for a new career path
  • For working adults who fear of losing their jobs and are seeking to enhance their skills
  • For working adults who frequently feel stressed at work, who feel stuck in their career, who needs a boost to reignite their passion for work, who want to rediscover their hidden talents and reach their unlimited potential
  • For business leaders who seek to understand their purpose and their role in leading under the new normal environment with rapid technological change