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Growth Mindset for Thriving in the New Normal Digital Era

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Growth Mindset for Thriving in the New Normal Digital Era

Due to the pandemic, many individuals have lost their jobs. Many who were left with no job, do not have a clear direction on where their lives are heading. Some who still have their jobs fear of losing their jobs as more employers cut headcounts. Some who fear of losing their jobs feel stuck in their careers, feeling unhappy, lack of passion with their jobs and are extremely stressed as they now need to take on more responsibilities from their colleagues who have lost their jobs.

Adding to these challenges are rapid technological changes such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data and co-browsing that are currently reshaping the business landscape. Businesses today can no longer operate how they used to operate and are forced to adapt and evolve in order to survive and thrive in these challenging environment.

As environment changes and businesses evolve, individuals too need to take a proactive role in improving themselves, reskilling in order to adapt to this new normal and rapid technological change so that they are employable and remain relevant in the workforce. The challenge is, without the right mindset, one can find it extremely challenging to change or to embark on a skill that is totally new.

Hence, this course has been carefully designed to inspire and empower working adults and business leaders to have an open and transformational mindset so that they will not only be able to adapt or survive but to thrive in this new normal and rapid technological change environment.

Be the change you wish to see in the world...

In this course, you will gain 3-key benefits:


By having new level of self-awareness, understanding who you are, your purpose and the environment that you exist, you will have the ability to think and see clearly what you want to do, how you will be able to transform and adapt in the new normal digital era.


By reframing how you think and activating your belief system, you will be able to take bold steps towards making changes, overcoming difficult challenges and achieving your dreams.


By having clarity in decision making and taking actions, as your future enfolds itself, you will gain more confidence leading to joy and fulfillment.

Who should attend:

  • For individuals who have lost their jobs and are seeking for a new career path
  • For working adults who fear of losing their jobs and are seeking to enhance their skills
  • For working adults who frequently feel stressed at work, who feel stuck in their career, who needs a boost to reignite their passion for work, who want to rediscover their hidden talents and reach their unlimited potential
  • For business leaders who seek to understand their purpose and their role in leading under the new normal environment with rapid technological change



Training and Coaching Programme Objectives

  • Discover a new level of self-awareness in the new normal environment and rapid technological change.
  • Learn how to identify your purpose and to use the purpose as a catalyst to achieve goals and objectives.
  • Learn how to align individual’s purpose with organization’s purpose (for working adults).
  • Understand the impact of mindset has on the ability to learn and grow. Recognize blockages that are triggered by fixed mindset. Save years of painful experiences, time, money and missed opportunities due to having a fixed mindset.
  • Learn how decisions are made based on our stories and emotions.
  • Learn how to get out of a stuck position or mood by rethinking or reframing your mind. Thus allowing you to think and see better having clarity in life and in work.
  • Learn how to build courage and confidence by reframing your mind and reshaping your belief system which pushes you to your next action.
  • Learn how to activate your belief system to act as a pillar of strength to overcome any obstacles in life or in the workplace.
  • Learn to how to maintain perseverance to achieve your end goal.

Bonus Topic

  • Learn the basics of Big Data and what it takes to be a Data Citizen.
  • Learn the importance of Big Data in the workplace.

  • Future Proof Minds Consulting

    “Angeline’s coaching sessions has helped me establish a clear sense of direction on what I should do to start my digital business. She is a highly focused person. She has helped me find my purpose and focus for my business. With her process, I feel more confident, motivated and focused to inspire my team and to improve my business. I’m glad I’ve found her as my coach and I’m looking forward to learn more from her. ”

    Agnes Jael Chan

    Digital Business Entrepreneur

  • Future Proof Minds Consulting

    “Angeline’s training will help you open your mind, change your mind thinking concept, look further ahead to the future. What inspires me is that after learning the course I can be more creative, more open to the market. With the knowledge of Big Data, I can use Big Data to provide better service, higher quality, better outcome results with a lower cost of price. ”

    Steven Siew 2

    Graphic Designer

  • Future Proof Minds Consulting

    “Angeline’s coaching session is a self- reflection and self-realisation session which explores areas that most of us don’t even think about. Many a time, we ponder on what we can achieve and what could have been if we had done this or that. Most importantly, I have learned not to undermine myself and I've found more confidence in myself. You know you are in good hands when your coach has achieved so much and is there to guide you. ”

    siew ming 6

    Customer Service Assistant Manager

Angie Coach Pose 2

Your Trainer and Growth Mindset Coach 

Angeline Teh

A seasoned ex-banker and marketer turned author and coach, Angeline started her career at AmFinance (now AmBank), slowly worked her way up from a Bank Teller to an Investment Banker culminating in her heading her own department, Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFI) at Malaysia’s largest local bank, Maybank. Throughout her career, Angeline has worked in 14 companies across various industries from banking to IT including both foreign and local banks such as UOB, Citibank, AmBank, Maybank and IT companies such as Pentasoft Technologies and Profitera Corporation. With her core skills in client relationship management, Angeline has helped bridge the communication gap between the bank and its customers enabling her to sell multiple products, grow revenue and lead important projects such as business transformation, risk management and client onboarding. The pinnacle of her banking career was swiping the prestigious Triple A Asset award on behalf of her department, NBFI, for two consecutive years.

After working for more than 20 years, Angeline left the banking industry to self-publish her book ‘Wisdom of the Past’ as a means to constantly pushing her limits and stepping out of her comfort zone. She has been featured in The Star Online, BFM Radio 89.9 and Ipoh Echo (a community newspaper). To date, Angeline has written and self-published two books including ‘Secrets to Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential – Creating Your Purposeful, Passionate and Powerful Life’ which have inspired hundreds of people and touched many lives by helping personal life crisis turnaround and finding life direction. Among others, Angeline has coached cases on coping with loss of loved ones, relationship and marital problems, parent and child problems. Results being clarity gained, purpose found, focus enhanced, depression avoided, families connected and parent-child relationship rekindled.

A self-starter and a determined go-getter, Angeline self-funded the pursuit of a Bachelor Degree from University of Southern Queensland, Australia, majoring in Marketing with a minor in Finance. She has recently been awarded with the certification in Big Data and recognized as a Certified Data Professional in Open Source Software - Data Citizen. Angeline is currently an executive coach with the World Business Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) Partner programme and she hopes to inspire growth mindset among individuals and organisations. She hopes to help them discover and align their purpose, so that individuals are not only able to achieve a satisfying and fulfilled life but companies are also able to achieve growth and sustainable profits.

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