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Intelligent Transformation 15

Are you experiencing the following?

For Business Leaders or Business Owners:

☑️Loss of customers
☑️Loss of revenue, net profit dropped significantly
☑️Unable to grow and sustain business
☑️Unable to pay rent, staff salaries or any  other overheads to sustain your business

Discover how you can grow and sustain your business instantly in 3 key moves:

  1. INSPIRE growth mindset and purpose-driven behavior among team members so that they become more creative, proactive and exceed norms.
  2. INNOVATE to gain competitive advantage, to retain top talents, to better serve customers, keep and attract new customers.
  3. IMPACT the lives of your team, their families and the society as a whole to achieve sustainable revenue and profits.

"Purposeful companies outperform the market by 42%" - Ernst and Young

"Companies with purpose grow 3x faster than their competitors" - Deloitte

Who should attend?

  • For business leaders or business owners who want proven strategies to help them generate instant business so that they can potentially recover the losses incurred during the pandemic and generate positive cash flow.
  • For those who want to learn how to inspire people by communicating from the heart.
  • For those who want to learn how to innovate so that they stay ahead of their competitors.
  • For those who want to learn how to impact lives through positive actions.
  • For those about to start a business,  who have no idea where to start and they want proven strategies to help them build their business fast.

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What do clients say about the programme?

Future Proof Minds Consulting

“This course ‘Intelligent Transformation with a Purpose’ is good for people like me who is starting off, trying to start a business so it makes me think what is my purpose and using the purpose to put into the business. Angeline as a coach, she inspires me because of all her achievements she has achieved so far and the knowledge that she has imparted through her training without which I would not have thought through so much about what is my purpose or what business do I want to get into. I might just have stayed on in my 9 to 5 job without starting off a business. In that sense I would also think how to innovate my business in order to stay ahead, to be competitive in the business world.”

Customer Service Manager & Potential Start Up Entrepreneur

Future Proof Minds Consulting

“This programme will help you open your mind, your mind thinking concept, to be more open, look further ahead, further into the future. What inspires me is that I can be more creative, more open to the market, to provide better service, higher quality, better outcome results with a lower cost of price.”

Graphic Designer

Future Proof Minds Consulting

“Ms Angie is really the right person, a person who always give encouragement to people. That's her passion I think and she is very good in that. The three factors will really help me boost the market and enhance the business. At the end of the day, it will also make impact to anyone. I am very optimistic that these three factors will really help me boost the business.”

Cafe Owner

About Angeline Teh

A seasoned banker and marketer turned author and coach, Angeline started her career at AmFinance (now AmBank), slowly worked her way up from a Bank Teller to an Investment Banker culminating in her heading her own department, Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFI) at Malaysia’s largest local bank, Maybank. Throughout her career, Angeline has worked in 14 companies across various industries from banking to IT including both foreign and local banks such as UOB, Citibank, AmBank, Maybank and IT companies such as Pentasoft Technologies and Profitera Corporation. With her core skills in client relationship management, Angeline has helped bridge the communication gap between the bank and its customers enabling her to sell multiple products, grow revenue and lead important projects such as business transformation, risk management and client onboarding. The pinnacle of her banking career was swiping the prestigious Triple A Asset award on behalf of her department, NBFI, for two consecutive years.

After working for more than 20 years, Angeline left the banking industry to self-publish her book ‘Wisdom of the Past’ as a means to constantly pushing her limits and stepping out of her comfort zone. She has been featured in The Star Online, BFM Radio 89.9 and Ipoh Echo (a community newspaper). To date, Angeline has written and self-published two books including ‘Secrets to Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential – Creating Your Purposeful, Passionate and Powerful Life’ which have inspired hundreds of people and touched many lives by helping personal life crisis turnaround and finding life direction. Among others, Angeline has coached cases on coping with loss of loved ones, relationship and marital problems, parent and child problems. Results being clarity gained, purpose found, focus enhanced, depression avoided, families connected and parent-child relationship rekindled.

A self-starter and a determined go-getter, Angeline self-funded the pursuit of a Bachelor Degree from University of Southern Queensland, Australia, majoring in Marketing with a minor in Finance. She has recently been awarded with the certification in Big Data and recognized as a Certified Data Professional in Open Source Software - Data Citizen. Angeline is currently an executive coach with the World Business Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) Partner programme and she hopes to inspire growth mindset among individuals and organisations. She hopes to help them discover and align their purpose, so that individuals are not only able to achieve a satisfying and fulfilled life but companies are also able to achieve growth and sustainable profits.

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