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Graduated from the WBECS Breakthrough Coaching Program (WBECS stands for World Business Executive Coaching Summit, an accredited partner of the International Coaching Federation, ICF) 




From my book 'Wisdom of the Past', I have now developed a system called 'Instant Power Breakthrough Method' specially created to provide you the support you need to live authentically and to help you achieve success that gives you satisfaction, fulfilment, happiness, peace and freedom. 

In this 1-hour FREE webinar, you will be introduced to three key concepts:

  • Acknowledge the underlying issues that are blocking you from your growth, your potential and your ability to achieve the success that you want. You will also be able to acknowledge that you have the power from within to unblock yourself and achieve the success that you want. 
  • Activate your own belief system so that you have the inner strength to overcome your life's most difficult challenges.
  • Achieve breakthrough success either in your professional or personal life and gain clarity in decision making by truly understanding who you really are and your purpose so that you are able to eliminate pain instantly and achieve happiness, success, satisfaction, fulfillment, peace and freedom.

Hundreds of business leaders and professionals have been inspired by my book 'Wisdom of the Past' and have learned my process of 'Creating Your Purposeful, Passionate and Positive Life'. Some have made changes in their lives or in their organizations. The results were lives transformed, relationships rekindled, depression prevented, purpose found and clarity in decision making.

Now, I pass this forward by offering this 1-hour FREE webinar on 12 Nov 2022, Saturday at 9am MYT (11 Nov 2022, Friday at 6pm PST) so that YOU too can CREATE YOUR PURPOSEFUL, PASSIONATE and POSITIVE LIFE to live the life that YOU WANT!

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Individual Testimonials

Nora J achieved emotional breakthrough with Angeline Teh's Instant Power Breakthrough Training, Mentoring and Coaching. "Angeline's coaching eliminated my depression problem," Nora J.

Nora J. used to suffer from severe headache due to depression. "After the coaching sessions, the severe headache has gone. Angeline's system not only helped me find my true purpose but it has also helped me become healthier. Angeline's system has helped me to eliminate my pain." - Nora J., Business Owner


"I feel empowered. I feel motivated actually. Even though it's only after 3 sessions, I always feel motivated. I feel I need to do more and learn more. I feel like something is encouraging me from inside. Very different transformation actually. Before this, I was gloomy. I felt 'kecut', shrink (small and timid) like I'm so little, I cannot do, I cannot do. After the coaching sessions, I feel like 'fire is burning from inside'" - Nora J., Business Owner


"Angeline's program is enlightening and an eye-opener. I have gained more courage and confidence to do what I want, the support that I needed but didn't have for the last 17 years." 

"Angeline helped me acknowledge what are the issues I have, then I have to think through how I want to overcome these challenges and obstacles in order for me to move on and achieve more. Angeline helped me to open up my eyes on what is happening in the world and that I am not alone. Whatever challenges I have, there is always a solution. I have gained more courage and confidence because there is someone else who really believes in me and thinks that I can do more." - Cheah Siew Ming, Asst Manager, Complaints Management Department 


"In just 1 session, Angeline has helped me clear 8 years of my mental fog and prevented my depression from relapsing. As a result of Angeline's process, I have gained focus, clarity and direction for my digital business." - Agnes Jael Chan, Business Owner

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"I used to have some depression and mental block in the past. This has been a struggle to me since before marriage. I have not been able to find my purpose and passion to achieve my unlimited potential. After coaching with Angeline for one or two hours session, it really blew my mind! My mind has actually cleared off and I am able to think clearly. I am able to soul search whether I am on the right track, whether it is my purpose in life. After reading the 'Wisdom of the Past', I find the story is so enriching and provided me a profound insight that made me want to explore more. This is the great experience that I have after I have gone through the coaching with her", Agnes Jael Chan, Business Owner


"You made me see, therefore I felt better"

"Angie was able to help me get to a point of action or next action which was what I needed to get me out of a stuck position and mood. She prompted me to think or rethink or reframe what I believe was making me feel stuck. And once I was able to do that, I didn't feel like it was actually necessary for me to be stuck, which was great because it made me think much more clearly. So, because of that I would definitely go back to Angie for more sessions when needed. So, thank you Angie. I appreciate it." - Indra S., Business Owner


"This book had made a tremendous impact on me mainly because it helped me focus on what is important in my life and it made me think when I'm gone from this world, what do I want to leave behind. What is the legacy that I want to leave behind to my community. Did I do something for people, did I impact anybody's life. And this is what Angeline has done for me through this book of hers. She has given me inspiration and hope and the motivation to get this done soon. Thank you for giving us the tools on how we can apply this wisdom from the past in our everyday lives as well as in our corporate lives."Cecelia Alphonsus, Corporate Affairs and Marketing Manager


"You are going to rediscover more of yourself and you are going to be empowered, I believe that. And not only that, I think you will find your destiny, your calling and who you are supposed to be and maybe feel and realize that you are short changing yourself." - Josh Lee Awang


Video Testimonial

"I feel like I have a sense of hope there, that I can find my purpose in life, so that I will hopefully one day I can tell myself that I'm living the life that I want so that I won't feel bored everyday." 

Written Testimonial

"From her coaching sessions and e-book, her 'Instant Power Breakthrough Method’ has made me want to Acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses in absolute truthfulness; to Activate them; ie. meaning to find my purpose in life and eventually by them by living it with real passion that ultimately leads me to attain the happiness that I craved. Yes, her coaching sessions and her motivational books hits me in the head and tells me I absolutely got to do something about my life this instant. Bravo Angeline 👍🏼 you have successfully invoke my senses to seek my self esteem needs and self-actualization needs.
I am truly grateful. Thank you.”

- Josephine Loke, Senior Sales Frieght Forwarder

Who should attend?
• For working adults who frequently feel stressed at work, those who feel stuck in their career, who needs a boost to reignite their passion for work, who want to discover their hidden talents and reach their unlimited potential.
• For business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, team leaders, managers who want to grow their organizations by learning the secrets of leadership for successful and sustainable transformation.
• For those who want to adopt and influence positive growth mindset in their organizations or family
• For those who want to achieve success in personal relationships and in their work by changing how one thinks and acts 
• For those who want to improve communication between family, parents and children, husband and wife, bosses and employees
• For those who want to prevent depression due to family and work pressure

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Receive a copy of the 'Secrets to Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential' e-book

Receive a copy of my FREE e-book on 'Secrets to Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential - 3 Key Concepts to Creating Your Purposeful, Passionate & Powerful Life'

In this book, you will learn an introduction to my proven secrets on how I transformed from a banker to an author, speaker and a life coach. I believe this book when used together with my coaching sessions will empower you to find your purpose, turn that purpose into passion and power to become whatever you want to be by implementing my simple and transferable 3 key concepts.

My clients who have implemented these simple 3 key concepts have found purpose and focus, clarity in decision making, transformed their lives to achieve the happiness that they crave, prevented depression and rekindled relationships with their loved ones. Some who found focus and made the right decisions in their lives, were able to save ten to twenty years of painful consequences.

Request for a copy of my FREE e-book now!

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eBook Testimonials

  • Future Proof Minds Consulting

    “A remarkable book which touches on everyday life. It entails the microscopic view of how to improve our lives through the decisions we make, taking into account the priorities in the life of every individual and what we actually want. There are better, more fulfilling ways to make a living than to slough through work. It is thought-provoking and a wake-up call to all of us. At the end of the day, the deciding factor is our happiness.”

    siew ming 6

    Asst Manager, Complaints Management Dpt

  • Future Proof Minds Consulting

    “Thanks for sharing your e-book. These are my key takeaways:
    I find the book very relatable as I have always been in employment and found myself in similar situations mentioned in the book occasionally. It is definitely inspiring from what you have gone through to search within yourself on your purpose in life and proceeded to achieve what you have set out to do, which all of us need a little push, a little soul searching and acknowledgment of where we are and what we aspire to achieve. It is wonderful that you are sharing your insights to your great great grandfather's life story and your own experiences to help others now. Applying wisdom from the past to life's current troubles are so relevant! The book is an easy read and could be put to practice easily. Thanks again for sharing!”

    Tan Ai Kim v3

    Finance Manager

  • Future Proof Minds Consulting

    “Self-reflection and self-revelation. Intended for light reading and easy absorption...very good; appealing to non-readers too.
    In substance, I understood it as a journey you shared in developing your coaching model to help people who are going through some kind of emotional decision turmoil. I'd say this is an alternative to the ostracized methods of psychology and psychiatry. Chapter 8 delves into the method and I can see how coaching is necessary, as it requires time and commitment to think through for self revelation. The book was an eye and mind opener. Thank you for sharing and Well Done, Angeline”

    Advocate & Solicitor

  • Future Proof Minds Consulting

    “First and foremost, Congratulations Angeline for successfully authored yet another masterpiece. Thank you for the coaching sessions and the priceless gift of an e-book generously given out for the betterment of our society as a whole.

    From her coaching sessions and e-book, her 'Triple A Method’ concept mentioned has made me want to Acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses in absolute truthfulness; to Activate them; ie. meaning to find my purpose in life and eventually by them by living it with real passion that ultimately leads me to attain the happiness that I craved. Yes, her coaching sessions and her motivational books hits me in the head and tells me I absolutely got to do something about my life this instant. Bravo Angeline 👍🏼 you have successfully invoke my senses to seek my self esteem needs and self-actualization needs.
    I am truly grateful. Thank you.”

    Josephine 4

    Business Owner

  • Future Proof Minds Consulting

    “I loved how it brilliantly captures our attention with storytelling. By relating to your own struggles and how you transformed them into your strength is a major source of inspiration on its own. When you break down the problem into easy-to-digest chunks and apply the 3-step method, it instantly gives readers more clarity. Kudos Angie 👏🏼👏🏼”

    Elina 2


  • Future Proof Minds Consulting

    “Well done Angie! The book gives a good read about the program you'll be running...It did invoke some soul searching...enlightening!”


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