Gain knowledge, expertise and wisdom from an International Award-Winning Ex-Senior Banker and a Certified Marshall Goldsmith International Coach

Offering clients international standard on leadership education, training and coaching

Teamed up with a Certified Marshall Goldsmith International Coach who has more than 25 years of corporate career in leadership roles and training deliveries that spanned from US multinational companies including Microsoft, IBM, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Avaya Inc, and Aspect Software to boutique companies like COPC Inc, Sumaria Networks, Minaya Learning and working collaboratively with Door International (Netherlands), TTA (US), Imparta (UK) and PD Training (Australia).

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Manage Stress Effectively by Finding Your Purposeful, Passionate and Peaceful Life

Objective: To help participants uncover their hidden purpose and talents leading to a passionate and fulfilling life.
For those who suffer from stress and depression due to work or personal relationships.
Duration: 1 day to 3 months depending on the progress of the participant

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Thought 003 (Medium)

Growth Mindset – A Transformational Gamification Journey

Destination Objectives:
- Understand the impact mindset has on the ability to learn and grow
- Learn to recognize those moments that can trigger your fixed mindset using a Board Game
- Identify new habits (individual/ team) to support your positive journey towards a growth mindset
- Applying growth mindset to your personal and professional world (individual or team)
Duration: 1 day + 1x 60mins Team coaching calls after training

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Communication 028 (Medium)

Situational Leadership II – Leading Successfully with Impact

Destination Objectives:
- Learn a new language of leadership for the leaders and those they lead to increase effective and impactful communication
- Increase the quality and quantity of conversations that the leaders with the people they lead and influence
- To help others develop their self-reliant and problem-solving skills
Duration: 1 day + 1x 60mins Team coaching calls after training

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Business 055 (Medium)

Building a High Performance Team

Destination Objectives:
- Calibrate individual “Inner” software – Mission, Vision and Purpose
- Understand and implement individual Growth Mindset Map
- Understand individual behavior profiling to increase team performance
- Access the stakeholders landscape and develop plan for impact
- Oil the Team for Excellence – Communication and Teamwork
- Work on action plans of a Real Problem (3 months project)
Duration: 2 days + 3x 60mins Team coaching calls after training (1 call per month)

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Business 053 (Medium)

Transforming Managers into Impactful Performance Coaches

Destination Objectives:
- Understand why the need to coach and the impact of coaching
- Coach the Managers “Inner World”
- Explain and support the need to build Trusted Advisors in the team
- Use established, proven and practical models and frameworks to create impactful coaching
- Ask high-impact questions and provide feedback to collaboratively create action plans to unlock the individuals potential.
Duration: 2 days with 3x 60mins team coaching after the training

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Business 051 (Medium)

Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centred Executive Coaching & Team Coaching

The coaching process has proven to enable successful people to lead more effectively through long-term change in leadership behavior by using a methodology that is highly effective and time efficient. Marshall’s coaching process guarantees measurable leadership growth and has been used by more than 150 of the Fortune 500 companies.
Duration: 12 months

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